Environmental Sustainability

The climate and ecological consultation is now CLOSED. Thank you to those that submitted a response, please read the report here.


Approved climate and ecological action plan


Climate change is affected by everything we do. The Parish Council has committed itself to creating an Action Plan to address the climate and ecological emergency. The Parish Council cannot achieve net Zero alone and collaboration with residents, businesses and neighbouring parish councils is essential. There are some measures we can take in our own activities that will both have some – limited – effect and set an example and allow the Parish Council to take an active role in encouraging and enabling others to act.

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The next meeting of the Environmental Sustainability Committee is TBC

Electric Vehicle Charging Consultation

Click here for the summary results of the consultation. 


Climate Action

Since November 2018, hundreds of local authorities, parish and town councils have passed declarations of a Climate Emergency, and in July 2019 the UK’s target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 was enshrined in law (tightening the previous legally binding commitment to achieve an 80% reduction on 1990 levels by the same date). In the same month, Cotswold District Council (CDC) unanimously declared a Climate Emergency, and in July 2020 declared an Ecological Emergency. Blockley Parish Council (BPC) declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency and committed to act, in February 2021. The global Climate Emergency has received unprecedented levels of nationwide media and public attention in recent years, and awareness and a desire for change remains high.

All levels of government will need to be involved in supporting the rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy. Town and parish councils have a unique position through which they can stimulate grassroots action, set a leadership example and provide a local, accountable focal point for practical action on the climate emergency.